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OBOD’s correspondence course is designed to be completed by individuals working alone. The course itself has information for further study, suggestions for in-depth reflection, and access to a mentor.

There are many reasons for a member to remain solitary- their own choice, the constraints of daily life, or geographical isolation from other members (often an issue in a country like the United States).

Finding Groups

“…meeting with others to celebrate the festivals and share your spiritual journey can offer great support, introduce you to new friends and expand your horizons.” (Treasures of the Tribe, OBOD)

Starting Out

Realize that experiences with one person or group is not the same as knowing about the entire Order.


US OBOD Groups Mapan interactive map of public OBOD Groves and seed groups in the US. Compiled using original sources (like order lists or social media pages), it has current contact information and is updated several times a year. Even if you find no nearby group on the map, consider contacting regional groups as they may know of individual members in your area.

US OBOD Groups List– this is a list by state name that combines groves and seed groups. (For the OBOD office lists of public groups go to the Grove and Seed Group lists- these are two separate lists by state.)

Contact OBOD-HQ– 0nly OBOD office staff has access to member information. Email the office so they can send paper letters on your behalf to members near you. (Its’ best to have a list of the zip codes of your area when you make your request.)


Witchvox groups page – A wonderful resource, and a great place to start

FacebookMany groups have their ‘public’ information on Facebook pages

Yahoo GroupsSome groups listed will be very active, and others basically defunct

Meetup Groups Many of these groups may also be defunct, but you can search by location

Canadian Druid Network (Facebook)

Local metaphysical store – Check with and support your local metaphysical stores

Note: Not all of the groups listed in these sources will be active, but could still let you know about others with similar interests in your area