Druids see and rejoice in the daily miracles of the natural world around us. The cycles of the seasons, life and death (and rebirth, for those of us who believe in this), and the cosmic dance instruct and inspire. We draw upon the past for inspiration, and our deep respect for learning, science, and the arts has shaped our new modern traditions.

OBOD Druidry is a spiritual practice that can encompass the religious traditions of our members, and we have members that are Pagan, monotheistic, agnostic, and others. Membership of the Order is open to followers of all faiths and none, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or ethnic origin. In the OBOD Frequently Asked Questions there is this statement regarding some common, but not universal, beliefs:

There is no dogma in Druidry, which instead is characterized by the qualities of tolerance and an appreciation of diversity. For this reason people with widely differing approaches are members, from Pagans and Wiccans to Christians and Buddhists, and to those with no particular philosophy or religion.
There are, however, a few beliefs which most members probably hold in common:
In Spirit, or God/dess – in something more than just matter
In the Otherworld – in something more than just the world of appearances
In Rebirth – in life after death in some form
In the Web of Life – in the interconnectedness of all life
In the Law of the Harvest – in the law of cause and effect, that we harvest the result of what we have sown.