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Druid Groups Map

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Druid Groups Map: 40.313043, -104.150391
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Groups are dynamic & the map locations general. Verify status & area served with each group.

North America Druid Groups Map

For a map with Druids groups across North America go here.

Yes- this map only shows OBOD groups that meet in person – ‘cyber’ or virtual communities, or individual websites are not included. It is the intent of this map to inform people of OBOD groups that are gathering together locally on a regular basis to practice their path.

This map is compiled from public online sources on organization and individual websites. Groups must have a valid public link hosted elsewhere on the Internet to be included on the map. (This way each group has already come forward, and dealt with their own privacy issues.)

Not every OBOD group is public, so there will be many private groups that are not on this map. If a group is clearly inactive (like many Yahoo groups), they are also not included.

Contact each group for their meeting requirements – just because a group has information available on the internet doesn’t necessarily mean you can immediately come to business meetings, a festival, or ritual. Just as you should be checking out any group you are looking into, most groups will also want to learn about you.

Group locations are very general (mostly at the town level). All markers are placed on a park or other common area, even for those groups that publicize their street address. You will have to contact a group to get more information.

Some groups on the map are listed as self-reported. This is my method of disclosing that the group in question is not on the OBOD Grove or Seed Group list (which can easily happen if the group is new, for instance).

Groups that are not on this map include

Druid distance or in-house training programs (unless associated with a group that meets regularly for other activities).

Gaming or role-play groups.

Cyber or internet-only groups.

Private groups (includes groups that are not already on the internet).

Non-OBOD groups or OBOD groups outside of the United States.

Obviously inactive groups.

Pan-pagan groups that follow some other tradition as their primary path. This includes ‘ecumenical’, Pagan Pride, or festival groups.

Groups whose webpages are attack sites.

New groups, or those we have not found yet.

We search the OBOD listings and the internet several times a year to keep the map up to date. You can also contact us to add a public online, meeting in-person, OBOD Druid group in the United States. (Also for any corrections or revisions.)

Just let us know the:

  • Group name
  • Town and state
  • Internet link with contact info (order webpage, Facebook, Witchvox, Yahoo Group, website, etc. listing)
  • Affiliation (if any)