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The Prophet, the Witch & The Cauldron
A journey in search of Cerridwen and her cauldron of Awen

Join druid Kristoffer Hughes on an evening adventure to discover the mysteries of the Cauldron of inspiration and the magic of the Witch Goddess. On this journey he will explore the nature of Cerridwen and her lasting legacy of magic, the function of her family, and the power of the radiant brow. Learn about the mysterious Andedion and the transformative power of Cerridwen’s tale as initiatory journey.

The Branches of Wisdom
Divinity, Mystery & Magic of the Mabinogi

Join Kristoffer Hughes to climb into the Branches of the Celtic World Tree, and there to discover the mysteries hid within the 4 Branches of the Mabinogi. Kristoffer will take you on a journey to discover the roots of the Tree and the story of its seeding and growing, it’s Trunk in the present world and how its Branches of expression are influencing and inspiring modern Pagan practice. On this journey you will learn the function of Celtic mythology, how to define who is divine and who is not, identify the Pantheon of Gods that live upon the Tree, discover the function of magical allies, explore the role of magic in the Celtic mysteries and the function of the Otherworld – Annwfn.

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