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What is Celebrancy?

A celebrant is a person who helps create a ritual with you, for your rite of passage or other life event. The celebrant will then perform, or enact, that ritual for you as a private ceremony, or as a public celebration. These ceremonies can include:

  • Baby naming or blessing
  • Mother blessings & birth rites
  • Coming of Age: Young adults, mother /father, and crones/sages
  • Wedding / Handfasting / Commitment
  • Funeral / Parting / Divorce
  • Other blessings
We are looking for OBOD related ritual scripts or resources. Please contact us if you have items that can be shared here.

General Information

The Druid Celebrant Cerri Lee: Basics, and sample Handfasting, Baby Naming, Coming of Age, Croning, and Funeral ceremonies

More to come…

Training & Ordination

OBOD Celebrancy Training– online courses based in the UK,  Serving the Living and the Dead (funerals) and Celebrating Life (weddings, handfastings, renewals of vows, namings and welcomings). Each course consists of 6 sessions for a fee of about $305, and the courses are open to the public. (Note: the Celebrating Life course will not provide the ministerial or court credentials required to perform weddings in the US.)

Circle Sanctuary’s Ministry Training Program – training is offered each year during the Pagan Leadership Institute, held during Pagan Spirit Gathering, Circle Sanctuary’s week-long national/global Summer Solstice gathering held near Chicago, IL.

Master’s Degree Programs, Cherry Hill Seminary – Includes Pastoral and Chaplaincy programs

Become an Ordained Minister (Universal Life Church)

Wedding / Handfasting / Divorce

NOTE: Marriages are a legal contract and most states require those performing marriages to have ministerial or court credentials.  (Often with a required registration of ministers in each county, for instance.)

Druid Wedding Ceremony- pages 57 to 61 of the Order’s Bardic Companion booklet

Marriage Laws By State (Universal Life Church)

Wedding Ceremony Script Generator (Universal Life Church- with options for Pagan/Wiccan and other faiths)

Guide to Planning Pagan Weddings, Pagan Wedding Considerations for Couples by Selena Fox

Renewal of Wedding Vows, by Richard Abbott
A Druid Wedding Ritual, by EsotericMoment

Funerals / Partings

Funeral planning checklist (Universal Life Church)- to help you and the family of the deceased get started

Funeral Ceremony Script Generator (Universal Life Church)

Funeral Rite for Burial and Funeral Rite for Cremation (Pagan Transitions)

The Pagan Book of Living and Dying: Practical Rituals, Prayers, Blessings, and Meditations on Crossing Over by Starhawk and M. Macha NightMare (1997)

Sacred Rite of Parting, by Breanna

Coming of Age

Naming Ceremony- page 56 of the Orders’ Bardic Companion booklet

To Name is to Create, by Gail Arthur

Rite of the Circle of Elders, by RidgeDruid
Passage of Youth into Adulthood, by Christian Brunner


Home Blessing Ceremony-  pages 62 & 63 of the Order’s Bardic Companion booklet

Alternative Religious Ceremonies (Universal Life Church) – Includes a Ritual Framework and Simple House Blessing Ritual

Tree Planting Ritual (Druid’s Garden)