Based in the United Kingdom, the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids has members across the world, and is dedicated to practicing, teaching, and developing Druidry as a valuable, inclusive, and inspiring nature spirituality.


Total OBOD Membership (2015)

As of 2015 there were approximately 17,000 OBOD members worldwide, of which 7,770 (or 46%) were in the United States.

By 2021 total world membership has grown to “over 25,000 members“, which means there are likely over 11,000 OBOD members in the US now.*

*Note: total membership numbers are approximate  – “that is over almost thirty years, so some will have died, resigned, or simply moved on in their interests“.

US Members by Grade (2015)

(Per Druid Magazine, Summer 2015.)

Based on these trends, as of 2021 there could also be 45-60 Druid Grade graduates in the US.



The love of land, sea and sky –

                             The love of the earth our home.